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Shadow Empire Blind Game (FULL)

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Well the title says it all!
With the game just released we are all still blind as to what gameplay consequences we can expect from our decisions in managing our city state, but that will result in great stories!
This mp matchup is not about min maxing, but having fun in a new game which seems to be very deep and therefore sharing the awesome stories that will arise from the playthrough!

I am looking to start with at least 3 human players and full fog of war.
Turn cycle can be slower paced because everyone has to learn the game still, but do try to keep up the pace as much as possible.

Details to be discussed after we have the players.

Whoís up for this? Címon, donít be a wimp! Letís go Mad Max on Arrakis! :D

I grabbed the game.  Iíll play even though I have no clue what Iím doing!

I for one accept your challenge!

I'll give it a go

That makes a full game! Wow!
Let me set it up and send it over. I don't think it uses the Slitherine PBEM++ system (yet?), so I think I'll need your email addresses. Please PM them.


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