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Shadow Empire Blind Game (FULL)

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Keep us updated on how it goes, Groggies!  O0

PM sent

PM sent

Bought it, but haven't downloaded yet (except at work to peruse the manual on break).

PM sent.

I ran a short test setup and it seems like its going to be the old school way of doing PBEM, which is odd given the fact that Matrix/Slitherine has the excellent PBEM++ system.

EDIT: This is now confirmed by Vic over at Matrix. It's classic IGO-UGO setup, so we send savegames in a roundabout fashion.

We will have to establish order of play and from what I gather each player needs to send the savegame to the player that comes next, while player 4 sends it back to me.

That would mean your email address will have to be shared with others. If that is a problem for you then please let us know.

1. Yskonyn
2. JasonPratt
3. Jamus
4. Tripoli

So I will send to Jason, Jason sends to Jamus, Jamus to Tripoli and Tripoli back to me.


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