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(FINISHED) King Grogspocalypse III: Wars of Religion [Dominions 5]

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We're a-go!  Good luck everyone!   :knuppel2:

Heh heh heh...
Post some pics and anecdotes. Make it a spectator sport.

This one wrapped up in a draw between myself and TMIT.  My Barbarossa-esque advance on his home turf went tits up rather quickly, and his advanced stopped when I remembered I had access to an Astral anti-undead spell.  We ended up locked in a stalemate, with Tien Chi and Man on the sidelines.  TC was the kingmaker at this point, but the Discord user who joined us staled a few turns and their progress petered off.  This world will now be governed by a Pantokrator-By-Committee between the great birds of Caelum and the great forest people of Pangaea.  With the humans of Man and Tien Chi providing an advisory/ceremonial role.   O:-)


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