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What is the game pace?  Time for turn-around?


--- Quote from: ArizonaTank on January 21, 2021, 10:50:57 AM ---What is the game pace?  Time for turn-around?

--- End quote ---

We've been pretty flexible.  At the beginning, when turn times are super quick, we may have been doing one a day(?)  But on average, at least until towards the end, we were shooting for once every couple of days or so.  RL stuff happens though, and everyone is pretty chill about it. 

Happy to join again and create more chaos  ;D

If you need someone, let me know; otherwise I'm probably going to take a break from Dominions. The length to which I was dragging out turn submission was sort of disrespectful to everyone else in the game.

If my preference matters, I would be interested in Middle Age game. At least with the default mapgen LA indies can be really volatile. One person might have a capring of pathetic indies, the next might be full of xbows and knights. If other mapgens have more balanced indies, LA might be fun to try.
Nevermind. Indies seem to have been generally increased across the board. Seeing a lot more heavy cav and knight indies in MA, along with them being generally stronger.

I didn't mind the delays between turns.  You've been a solid player in both games and I'd be glad to have you in this one as well.


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