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Trials and tribulations of owning a house

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Sir Slash:
Years back lightning struck the roof of a building housing about 25 mental patients where I worked causing a fire to break-out in the attic. All the residents and staff had to be evacuated in the middle of a blinding rainstorm. I'm sure glad I was off work that night.  <:-)

^Isn't that how the movie Halloween began?


--- Quote from: Gusington on August 05, 2021, 02:50:10 PM ---^Isn't that how the movie Halloween began?

--- End quote ---
Yeah.... and, umm,  "Sir Slash"?...questions percolate...

Maybe that's just how he handles his panzers.


Sir Slash:
Michael Myers was on one of my wards I worked. So was Jason. For kicks, we used to switch their masks then wait until they passed each other in the hall.  :2funny:  It was a riot.....literally.


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