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Password manager and Ubisoft


Just a quick FYI
I finally caved and started to utilize a password manager software (my current setup was an excel file).  First I was surprised at the number of passwords I had (over 180 now including my own work and kids school etc.)  Not only did I have a 180 passwords they were multiplying rapidly with all the school and family stuff that you need to sign up for in our new pandemic world.

Its been a massive pain in the ass chore going through and sorting them out with a password manager (deleting broken links, duplicates etc).  However that brings me to why I am grinding away at it.  Ubisoft helpfully shows where and when you logged in.  My Ubisoft account showed a regular attempts in the last year to login from Iran, Saudi, Pakistan, Japan, Russia (x4) and Korea.  Now none of them were successful but it shows that there was some organized level to break into my ubisoft account which God knows has connections to other things (credit cards etc).

So while a password manager is a PITA to setup and use I for one am sleeping a lot better now that I am using one and have obliterated my bad habit of using the same password combinations for my 180+ passwords.


a lot of places now use dual locks, so you get a text message on your phone to use aswell as your passwords. but yes passwords are becoming as common as rats in a drain


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