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UN Weapons Inspector:
Hi all , I thought you would be interested in this article in todays Guardian from Lt Col Daniel L Davis (ret)
In brief the author reckons that going to war with China over Taiwan will end with USA defeat with heavy losses and may even cause the nuclear war with all the consequences. The only valid alternative, according to article is economical sanctions and make a China an international pariah.
Personally I disagree , specially with second point. How can you make economical sanctions against China , if we all depend on Chinas trade (starting from electronics). It assumes a unity between USA and broadly speaking Western world, and I doubt that could be achieved (and what about Russia?). And considering nuclear threat, would not weakened China, after war with Taiwan, and becoming a "pariah" , be more willing/desperate to use its nuclear arsenal?
What you think?

We have to go to war over Taiwan. The entire world relies on their semiconductor microchip production. That cannot fall under Chinese control. It is a major strategic vulnerability.

^Agreed.  I'm in the semiconductor business and feel the pain everyday of the shortages. 

Sir Slash:
I don't know if we would go to war over Taiwan but we should. If we stood by and did nothing, Japan would be next on their list and the Japanese would have no choice but to go Nuclear to preserve their independence. That could lead to a truly catastrophic war that the West could not stay out of.

I think China has a lot more to lose by going to war with the US, than the US has to lose by going to war with China.  The US currently owes China, what, the nominal amount of $1.1 Trillion dollars? if China goes to war with the US, the chances of them collecting will be substantially reduced.


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