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CMBN - AAR Roadblock Training Mission

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This is an AAR for Combat Mission Battle for Normandy's training battle call Roadblock.  Those of you who have played CMBN will most likely be familiar with this battle as its part of the tutorial for the game.  I've decided to do an AAR on it for two reasons. 1.) This is an easy battle to plan and discuss and 2.)hopefully not confuse gamers who have not played Combat Mission previously.  I'm not going to give any background to the mission, because I'll let Battlefronts own screens set the stage.

The Briefing:

A couple of quick take aways.  The Germans are not an organized unit.  So they should break easily, if you can mass fires on their locations.  However, they we be armed with anti-tank weapons.  The Americans have two reinforcement times.  5 mins and 10 mins into the battle.  However, it is really only the first reinforcements that I will use in the upcoming battle. 

The Tactical Map:

As you can see there are three primary locations of German resistance.  The bocages at the top of the map, St. Martin's Farm and at the crossroads.  The questions for the American commander.  Where are the anti-tank guns and how the hell do I cross two major open fields without major losses before I can engage the enemy at close range and destroy him?

The Bison Plan:

I've gone ahead and assigned objectives and phase lines in order to plan out my upcoming attack.  St. Martin's Farm is OBJ Farm, the bridge and wall area north of St. Martin's Farm is OBJ Stone and the bocaged field east of St. Martin's Farm to include the crossroads is OBJ Phalanx.

Operation Bison Crossroads Assault:

I've decided on the following courses of actions for this plan.

1. 1st Platoon will conduct a distruption manuveur through the open field east of OBJ Farm to PL Broncos.
2. 1st PLT will conduct the major attack on the crossroads through OBJ Phalanx from PL Broncos to PL Vikings.
3. 2nd PLT will conduct a secondary attack on OBJ Farm.
4. 2nd PLT will conduct a follow on secondary attack on OBJ Stone.

Bison's expectations of enemy actions:

Working West (left) to East (right) on the map.

St. Martin's Farm will be used as a blocking action taking advantage of the stream in an attempt to force the American troops into the open field.

OBJ Stone will be used to conduct an ambush with heavy weapons teams and anti-tank guns to prevent a direct assault using open fields and support from American armor.

OBJ Phalanx will use the bocages and small infantry teams to ambush and slow an American attack from the east using the bocage for cover.

Overall I expect the Germans to attempt to funnel my forces into open terrian to use as an advantage over me and make up for a lack of will trained troops.

The Disruption Operations:

This turned into an abject disaster for my 1st PLT's supporting armor.  They were ambushed and destroyed before even getting a round down range.  At this time, I thought the attack came from OBJ Stone.  I'd soon learn the folly of this assumption.

On the brightside, I was able to advance my entire 1st PLT and heavy weapons team up to the bocage at PL Broncos against very little German resistance.  This would set the stage for a very sucessful major attack that would commense in the next few minutes.

I also began the movement of 2nd PLT into position to begin the secondary attack on OBJ Farm.


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