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Silent Disapproval Robot:
Miniature Market has Stellar Horizons from Compass Games on for $100 right now. 

Great game as long as you have a lot of time and table space.

Operational Studies Group (OSG) has a good sale going for many of their Napoleonic titles. 20% or more off.

If you have ever bought them, you know the prices rarely go low, even for used copies. So great time to stock up.  Fast shipping.

Sale ends September 22nd.


It's sale time again at Operational Studies Group... 20% savings on items in print, and 30% off pre-orders until January 30th.

If you aren't familiar with OSG, they publish primarily Napoleonic Wars oriented games. The packages are all of high quality and OSG is known for their excellent maps and historical fidelity. Most of the games on sale are from their "Library of Napoleonic Battles Series." This series features battles with counters at the brigade / division level. There are usually four or five battles in each package, all from the same campaign. For example; "Napoleon's Wheel" features battles from the Danube Campaign (Ulm, Durenstein, Schongrabern, and Austerlitz). There are often more than one package per major campaign.

OSG has another series, "The Campaigns of Napoleon Series". Currently only one of the games "Highway to the Kremlin" is in print. This game features a map of Russia with 10 mile hexes and 5 day turns.

The games are normally a little pricey even on the secondary market. So the sale prices are more where I feel comfortable.

I have made several orders with them...and in all cases they had my games in the mail within a short great service.

Here is the link


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