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Sprite making for Dom4

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Well my google-fu is weak today so I figured I'd post my question here in the hopes that one of the Dominions gods can answer.  I've been thinking of creating a mod for Dominions ever since I started playing Dom3.  Now that I have Dom4 and am absolutely in love with the game I want to think about making a mod for Dom4.

My problem is this.  I will not start a project unless I can make my own sprites.  The idea I have requires making all new sprites from scratch.  I can't lift any components out of the existing game or the sprite dump. 

Are there any tutorials out there on how to make a sprite from scratch for Dom4?

i think paint or gimp will do you - i would imagine you could use a few generic images from Dom 4 and then amend them

For sprite creation there is no better program than ProMotion 6!

^Perfect!  I downloaded the trial version and was able to create a simple gif image after watching the youtube quick tutorial.  Great program.  I'm going to play around with it some more and see if this accomplishes what I need.  Together with Gimp I think I can make some sprites now!

As an example I included a simple sprite that I lifted out of HOI2.

There is an excellent step by step sprite making tutorial on the old dom 3 shrapnel server done by burnsabre who is very good.  I don't have the link on hand but it is pretty easy to find if you look around.  I am pretty sure it is the modding subsection, in one of the stickies at the top.


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