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Started by zu Pferd, November 19, 2018, 04:02:18 PM

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zu Pferd

to Andy O Neil
                      Hello Andy, I downloaded the map editor and I'm currently working with
     the height bmp. as shown in Ezra's video (just guessing) I loaded the background map
     sized to 1155 x 805 pixels and saved it to bmp.
     I created in Corel Photo Shop a transparent layer and grayed it out and begun tracing
river valleys and heights the applying the Gaussian  Blur at the end and saving it as a .bmp

In the video the Editor looks different then the one I downloaded and some functions are not there
as 'Concentric Elevation Contours' in the Layers sub menu...the video suggests to load the height .bmp
map I previously created.
I guess this extended menu is not available in the Beta Test. Will it be available soon ?

2nd attempt

I loaded the background map
I tried using 'custom' Open File in the Elevation Shapers menu and loaded my height .bmp map I created.
I had to scale this as it loads smaller ??
I press Apply
When I go back to my background map and move the sliders the elevation map is not visible

As it is when I 'save as' and re-open it I get a map without elevations
so I'm wondering how to combine the two
Best Regards

Andy ONeill


I'm not sure which video you're looking at.
The current map editor is totally different from the version Ezra wrote and should be functional.
This is not handled using layers.

To use a greyscale image you create one externally and (obviously) save it to disk.
You use one of the left panel options to import this.
Click the right chevron until you see
Grey Scale Elevation.

( as below ).

This allows you to use shapers as well as import a file so you click the Picture button.
Click Import and choose your picture.
This will be stretched to fill the right hand panel.
You shouldn't need to do anything other than import it for that to happen.
Technically, this will convert your picture to greyscale as it is loaded so you could even use a colour picture of a different shape to 1155 x 805.
Greyscale of a size matches the 1155 x 805 will be more predictable though :^)

Make sure the High and low values are sensible.
Do not use a negative low.
The difference is divided by 255 and used for each step change of elevation.

Click Save.
This calculates the elevation for each "cell" and will overwrite any elevation data you have in memory for your map.
When I tried this without adding any terrain it then errors for me - so that's something I need to fix.
For now make sure you first add a road or woods or something and select it.

The greyscale is actually on top of the hypsometric representation so click the left chevron once or twice and check the Elevation Map checkbox in layers.
You should have a colour representation of the elevation.

zu Pferd

Thanks Neil, for the update I will work on this solution.

Best Regards


zu Pferd

Hello Andy

                 thanks again for the clarification it came to fruition. I completed my first map
I also have to thank Enrico Acerbi for supplying the background picture on his blog at Napoleon Series Org,
and for an account and oob for the battle.

I don't have the scenario builder to see how the units will look on this the scenario builder is out already
would you have a link ?
Best Regards

Andy ONeill

Good to see you're keen.

The scenario editor isn't on the site for distribution yet.
This is partly because we're deciding whether to hold back on it or not.
There will likely be breaking changes as a result of writing the game.
If we release and then change stuff your scenario could well become incompatible.

The game itself is not really even started.
I'm prototyping bits and pieces in the sandbox but even that code will need adaptation when used in the game.
And of course this is kind of two games in one.
There's a lot of work to do.

zu Pferd

Hello Andy,
                  Thanks for the reply.