How not to treat a referee

Started by steve58, December 04, 2020, 04:36:32 PM

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Stupid kid.  Ruined a possible bright career and screwed over his teammates as well.  As he seems to have similar prior incidents, hopefully he will be charged with assault.  And hopefully he will get some anger management help too!

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Way to prove the ref's point, dipshit.
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Sir Slash

On the bright side, the kids got a great future in the WWE.  :idiot2:
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True story:  I grew up in a suburb in Oklahoma with about 75,000 kids, but as we got older, we played some rec soccer games in some more isolated places.  Playing a game in Enid, OK my Senior Year in high school, we were playing a horrible opponent but we had only 10 players (one player short and no subs) and witnessing the most biased officiating in our lives.  A few of us literally had cuts on our legs because one or two guys on the other team were wearing baseball cleats.  Our 21-year old coach asked the team if we wanted to quit at halftime because the reffing was so bad.

One of the players on our team was a girl.  She would have easily been one of the top 5 girls on the Varsity team, but she didn't like the coach so she played boys rec instead.  She had a temper, and was getting taunted by the opposing team's fans the whole game.  Finally, she had a play where the other team's goalie called her a bitch and she started swinging at him.  The goalie had long arms and basically was just stiff-arming her by the forehead while she swung at the empty air.

I was a friend of hers and started jogging in to break it up when I saw the referee come running up to break them apart so I slowed down.  The referee came in and absolutely flattened her.  Same hit that #88 put on the ref in that video, but it was a grown man flattening the only teenage girl on our team.

I've seen some really bad decisions by a ref since then, but none compared with that!


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Dammit Carl!

Homeboy screwed up real good there.