Defense of Lanzerath Ridge

Started by nelmsm, March 13, 2023, 11:46:47 PM

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Lanzerath Ridge is a Dan Verssen Game in the Valiant Defense series depicting the action of 18 Americans from the 394th Infantry Regiments R&I platoon and 4 forward artillery observers.  They fought against a German battalion of paratroopers and another 50 men from a Fusiler regiment.  They managed to hold off the Germans for the better part of a day throwing one of the first kinks into the German timetable.  You control the 18 Americans and a few machine guns and a three jeeps.  I played tonight and held the Germans off with no casualties until the final attack phase on THE FINAL CARD the Germans managed to sneak a single unit into defenders box on my left and left me with a draw.  I had a chance prior to that to make that where it wouldn't have happened but needing a 3 or better on an eight sided die I rolled a 2.  Not getting the kill there allowed the Germans to sneak in.  This was great fun and I would definitely recommend it.  Other games in this series includes Castle Itter, Soldiers in Postman's Uniforms, and Pavlov's House, which I have on computer and have yet to come close to winning.  On to aerial warfare on the Western Front in WWI!