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2018 Running Football Thread

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Yeah, that was another surprise, until I thought about it a bit. I figured London might be a leader since they do so many pre-season games there...and maybe Mexico City. Then I read up and saw Brazil and Japan are options, too.  :o

London has been getting regular season games for at least ten years.  Maybe more.  They had three, I think, last year.  If expansion out of the country is going to work, they are going to have to find enough regional partners to make a division.  Otherwise, going to Tokyo and coming back home, or Rio, or London, is going to cause a mutiny. 

The head of the NFLPA just said the other day that they are preparing for war at the next labor negotiations.  I believe those are in 2021.  And they have to sort out Thursday night games, quality of play and officiating, and replay, at the very least.  Oh, and what is a catch?!  If I was the players, I would give the owners expansion, or the ok to play regular season games in more locations outside the continental U.S., for everything else they are asking for.  And not a cent less.


we'll re-stick this once we get closer to the season



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