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I know there are other guys here who exercise.  Just curious about what other folks are doing to stay in shape and get in a regular workout.

I really, really enjoy Crossfit.  Unfortunately I've been travelling a lot so the lack of access to weights and pull up and dip bars can really disrupt a crossfit schedule.  I've got a medicine ball and kettle bell that I've be travelling with to do some of the exercises.

Just started up with TRX recently.  Very travel friendly work out regiment.  Its deceptive in just how much it works you out.

And of course I'll throw in a run and jump rope for some cardio.

Wow?  Am I the only one who exercises around this joint?

I've got my weekly soccer night that I play, and I'm getting more regular about throwing my daughter in the stroller for a quick walk when I get home from work. 
I ought to do more, tho. 
Now that I've got the garage cleared to where I can get in there in the mornings, I might make something out of my morning workouts.  Plus, the garage has a nice indoor/outdoor carpet on it, so it's not too uncomfortable to work out in.

but to answer your question from above:  probably! ;D

Jack Nastyface:
FWIW...I used to fence twice a week, but I was side-lined about 2 years ago with a hip/lower back injury.
In order to regain some of strength and flexibility, I now do Bikram - or "hot" - yoga.  It doesn't give me the cardio that I need, but it is great for core strength and flexibility...which are the two physical characteristics I miss most from my youth.  I don't particulary like working out in the gym (weights, machines, etc)..partially because I have never been able to build "bulk" muscle nor do I have an interest in doing so...but I really do need to do something for cardio.  I went for a 10k rollerblade the other day and going up a gentle hill just about kicked my a$$.
Admittedly, much of my weekly workout comes from yard-work, gardening, etc...


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