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Nobody Inducted to Baseball Hall of Fame!

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This year the "Baseball Sports Writers" inducted nobody into the Hall of Fame.

The issue is not performance - it is political correctness and drugs.

Drugs is easy to explain.  The big hitters from the steroid era were in the running: Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, David Sheffield, etc.....   They used steroids to boost their performance.  Steroids kill your liver.  If you look at before/after for some of these players - the transition is amazing.  I can understand why they were not voted in because it had to do with the integrity of the game and also encouraging players to do things that will kill them - to hit better.  They test pro athletes for steroids because using them kills.

The other issue is pure political correctness.  Curt Shilling who holds a bunch of records, won a World Series with a busted Achilles tendon and a bloody sock, and was probably the best major league pitcher in the playoffs since the 1960s is being denied entry because he is conservative and says things that irritate the left.  He did not do anything related to baseball that was bad: no betting, no beating up other players, no drugs, did nothing on the field that made baseball look bad.  But the Hall of Fame will embarrass themselves by omitting him because he irritated leftists.



Curt Schilling is also a notorious ass and has never shied away from proving it.

Hot lead and dirty talk!:
The far left Hall of Fame voters are notorious for being asses and I am glad they got called out for it.


--- Quote from: Gusington on January 26, 2021, 08:11:30 PM ---Curt Schilling is also a notorious ass and has never shied away from proving it.

--- End quote ---

Yes - but he never broke the written or unwritten rules of baseball.  If you want to deny people the Hall of Fame because they are jerks - quite a few should be removed including people who beat others with a bat, who murdered someone, and other crimes.

Curt is not in the Hall purely because his politics do not match those of the sports writers.  Not for anything he did regarding baseball.


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