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Nobody Inducted to Baseball Hall of Fame!

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^It's not purely because of that. If he was a little less of an ass maybe he would have more of a fighting chance with the baseball press and even the fans.

I see two sides to this story and the inevitable conclusion that will be coming in the months and years.

Based on pure talent yes Schilling should be in. If there was not a "voting process" involved he would have been in probably by the 3rd year of candidacy or so (I am not sure who he would have been competing against in his early years of candidacy).

However, he is an ass and a bigot. And since the HOF is decided by voting, by extension the masses will conclude that voting for him is voting for a bigot.

The end result, and why they should just close down / stop any sports HOF stuff is when "people" start reviewing the players that ARE in the HOF and begin putting pressure to have them removed. I guess they are still too busy tearing down statues and revising history but it will be coming.

And another part of our history will be gone. And we move one step forward to repeating that history.

Anyway, my $.02 on this.

^Absolutely, totally agree.

Just curious, how is he a bigot? Five years ago I would have accepted that claim with no question. I'd have just shaken my head and said "Oh, that's too bad."

These days, with claims of racism being thrown around so casually, I don't take it for granted.

Hes been pretty vocal in his anti-LBGT views.


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