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Since when is a whiskey still considered trash?

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Saw this posted in my online local county "newspaper":

Glad to see that some are keeping the old ways alive, but such a waste.  :'(

--- Quote ---9   Estimated tons of roadside trash and recyclables that court-ordered community service workers collected along county roads from last July through March 1, according to Tom Pavelko, Director of the Fauquier County Office of Adult Court Services.

People convicted of nonviolent misdemeanors and felonies participate in the litter-control program to help meet their probation obligations, Mr. Pavelko said.

Logging more than 430 service hours, the approximately two dozen workers also picked up numerous and assorted bulk items, including:

61 tires.
15 large furniture pieces.
10 television sets.
Two window air conditioning units.
A disassembled whiskey still, plus hundreds of mason jars and liquor and wine bottles.

--- End quote ---

Would love to try distilling but it's not legal in many places without very expensive permits.

Just remember to throw out the first 2% that comes through the still as it is methanol.

Sir Slash:
Empty liquor and wine bottles? Sure, now that the Community Service Workers emptied them.  ::)

I love having roadsides cleaned as community service, just as an aside. I clean up the road I live on regularly and actually find great pleasure and satisfaction in it!

Sir Slash:
You're a good Citizen Gus. Now everyone in your neighborhood knows. And knows where to drop their....Thank You letters.  O0


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