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HPS France '14 Updated to 1.02
« on: January 31, 2012, 01:41:40 PM »
HPS released update 1.02 for France '14.

You can find the update here:

The update includes:


- Corrected a problem where v1.01 inadvertently changed von Moltke's on map HQ command radius to 0 in the early campaign OOB.
- Corrected an issue with a High Wall hexside and the full hex bridge at Antwerp (the wall was blocking movement across the bridge).
- Corrected two unreleased German FAR battalions in the #1914_0822_02s_Charleroi and #1914_0822_01s_Campaign_Early scenarios.
- Corrected a duplicate unit name in the "late" OOB (Res.Jager-Btl.25 x2, one should have been #25 and the other is #26).
- Corrected the erroneous release messages in the Marne sub scenarios.
- Added 60 man Ersatz MG detachments to the German Ersatz brigades in the "late" OOBs and scenarios. It seems that there was a mistake in translation during initial research in that it was thought that each of these brigades had one MG, and as such, it was not worth adding to the OOB, but the correct translation was that each BATTALION in the brigade had one MG, which was formed into a brigade level detachment, similar to an MGK. Needless to say, this change should give a subtantial amount of firepower to Ersatz brigades. After careful deliberation, it was decided that these MG.dets would be given to the Ersatz brigades in the "late", but not the "early" OOB, due to the historical MG shortage in this early period. (A big thanks to those that pointed out the issue).
- Updated the notes.pdf document with more information and some clarifications.
- Removed all VII battalion infantry units from the French reserve infantry regiments. These battalions were depot units of cadre, and were responsible for the training of French recruits, the these battalions were not located in the front line units, but were instead in rear areas where the recruits were being trained. However, the VII battalion units are still located in the OOB, its just that the units themselves are not present in the scenarios. (A big thanks to the French community for pointing out this issue).
- Corrected an abbreviation in the OOB (and in the notes). Previously, German field artillery were "AR" as in "artillerie-regiment", but this was incorrect. The proper name is "feldartillerie-regiment", "FAR". However, to complicate things, the heavy artillery regiments, or "fußartillerie-regiment", were all labeled "FAR", so these too are now more correctly abbreviated as "FußAR" to differentiate the two.
-Improved VP levels in the #1914_1001_01s_Antwerp scenario.
- Corrected German sFH 13 howitzer soft attack rating from 17 to 18.
- Raised the quality of the German IR.124 (aka. Rommel's regiment), because it was known to be well versed in its own brand of small unit tactics. German units were decentralized in their training, and many units adopted their own methods of training. The B quality represents IR.124's somewhat unique training (see "Attacks" by Erwin Rommel).
- In the "late" OOB, changed British 1-pdr Pom-Pom anti-aircraft guns to type Heavy Anti-Aircraft. This is done only in the early years of the war as because recon aircraft which did not fly very high in 1914 and 1915.
- Corrected Horse movement in Village, Town, City, Industrial from 10 10 15 25 to 15 15 20 30.
- Corrected an error in the #1914_0906_04s_Vitry and #1914_0906_05s_Revigny scenarios where both sides had too much air support.
- Corrected error with BEF infantry where some infantry were had a 7 defense (Guards) and some had an 8 defense (Regulars). All non-territorial BEF infantry should now have a defense of 7.
- Corrected an error with the German guards infantry defense and assault ratings. Their defense was previously 6, when it should have been 5. Their assault rating was 9 and is now 10 (this retains their current assault capability). The reason for this change is because the German guards were historically known to exclusively employ massed/dense formations in the attack. The guard infantry were used as an assault force, where they were rooted in the "old way" of combat which made them highly effective in assaults but prone to high losses. Essentially it is trade off between higher assault capability than ordinary infantry but at the cost of being a little more vulnerable to enemy fire. This intentionally makes them similar to early war French infantry, although by comparison the German Guard is more effective in direct fire but less effective in the assault.
- Corrected #1914_0906_03s_St_Gond scenario by adding the previously missing German division (14.Inf.Div.) that historically arrived as reinforcement.
- Corrected #1914_0906_02s_Ourcq-Morins scenario by adding a withdrawal for the German 14.Infanterie-Div. which historically was sent to the St-Gond sector.
- Adjusted the VP levels in the #1914_0906_03s_St_Gond scenario for better play balance.
- Corrected some starting deployments of French units in the #1914_0906_03s_St_Gond scenario.
- Updated the Allied global supply level and map edge supply levels for both sides in the #1914_0822_02s_Charleroi scenario to be more consistent with the #1914_0822_01s_Campaign_Early scenario (Allied global supply level was supposed to be 70% not 80%).
- Corrected a problem in the #1914_0906_01s_Marne and #1914_0906_04s_Vitry scenarios where some German cavalry squadrons were unintentionally releasing a large number of French units (from LOS) on turn 1.
- Corrected a mistake with the Belgian Minerva armored car's speed value, it is now 8 instead of 12.
- Added the missing 2./s.Küstenmörser siege battery to the #1914_0822_01s_Campaign_Early scenario, historically this battery assisted with the two day bombardment of the French Fort de Manonviller. Also, the withdrawal % of both siege gun batteries have been changed from 100% to 20% to allow the possibility of them staying around a few turns longer.
- Adjusted the VP levels in the #1914_0822_02s_Charleroi scenario for better play balance.
- Edited #1914_0822_02s_Charleroi by removing the entire west edge of the map (including the 13.Infanterie-Division and most of the 35e Division d'Infanterie from the play area (the map is now impassible on those places). This was done as the only solution to remove the gamey behavior on the map edge, in an area that historically was static during the battle. This also was done to play greater emphasis on the areas where the heavy fighting actually occurred.
- Corrected Landwehr-Div.2 name to Höhere Ldw.Kommand.2 (the divisions were renamed as Landwehr Divisions later).
- Corrected the speed and assault ratings of all regular German Kuerassier units in the "early" OOB. Speed is now 4 instead of 5, and assault is now 9 instead of 10 (these values were already correct in the "late" and "mobilization" OOBs).
- Corrected German reserve dragoon squadrons to be of type dragoon instead of type hussar.

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Re: HPS France '14 Updated to 1.02
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2012, 01:54:16 PM »
Welcome and thanks for that, Checkmate!

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Re: HPS France '14 Updated to 1.02
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2012, 02:08:32 PM »
This is one of the HPS Tiller games on my short list.  I've committed myself to playing some ACW PBEM for awhile, but eventually will move up a few decades into the future and do some WW1 battling.

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Re: HPS France '14 Updated to 1.02
« Reply #3 on: February 02, 2012, 12:59:23 PM »
I so want to order this game, but I'm not sure that my small brain can handle so many units.  :-\


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Re: HPS France '14 Updated to 1.02
« Reply #4 on: February 02, 2012, 09:49:43 PM »
I'm in the same predicament Slick

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Re: HPS France '14 Updated to 1.02
« Reply #5 on: February 05, 2012, 05:55:45 PM »
That's the beauty of turn based games, for me at least - plenty of time to think and get my head around any given situation.  :)