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Schleswick Holstein war 1848-51-64 flags


Schleswick Holstein war 1848-51-64 flags

Flags available on the website at
27 flags for the army of Holstein, these are really good print quality and great value for money, so far over 300 has been raised towards Combat Stress, if it was not for the flags this money would never of been raised so a big thank you for the donations to all who have contributed in buying the flags.

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The army of Holstein carried flags of black, red and gold, horizontal and vertical with the black being nearest to the staff, they also carried the blue white and red flag with the coat of arms in the center, a number of mottos were written on these colours and in german writtings, these are also represented on the colours.

More to follow over the coming weeks,these will be the full army of Denmark including the cavalry and reserves,plus many colourful Prussian flags which could be used from the Napoleonic wars to the Franco-Prussian war.


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