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A Word on Anonymous Proxy Servers

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Hi folks.

I know some of you guys like to use anonymous proxy servers to surf the web.

That's fine - GrogHeads has no official policy against using them.

However, I do have to caution you that some bad eggs that have been banned have attempted to use proxy servers in an attempt to overcome our discipline system. As a result we tend to ban wholesale spectra used by proxy servers.

So a word of caution. I know of at least one member in good standing here who has inadvertently been caught up in a ban of said proxy. So a word to the wise: you are not required to reveal your home IP address to surf our site. However if you find one day you are banned and happen to use a proxy server to visit our site - I would encourage you to drop the proxy, at least when you visit us.

And because sometimes the proxy servers release their IPs and use new ones, should you discover a legitimate bandwidth blocked by our site we're more than happy to release it.

is that what this was?


he seems terribly unhappy!

I have no idea what that's about. No one has complained here.

<pokes around a bit on the inside>

I will say that Hurry seems to have attempted to log in under several different IP addresses which have been banned by previous accounts. While we can't prove who he is, it's clear he's afraid to reveal his true identity. Probably because he's been banned.

We don't ban many folks. It's never good when we do. But there are a few people who don't understand how to get along with other people. When we show them the door, we're sincere about not wanting them back.

The best advice I can give is this: if you don't want to be accidentally caught up in a broad-based ban of anonymous proxies, use your real IP address. Then we'll know who you are, and you won't have any problems.

I have no idea what you're talking about...do you mean, anyone should come to the forum unless he is at home? please explain as i have no idea what proxy is about.


a proxy server is a server that you use before you visit a website, so that your 'tracks' could only be followed to this server. It's a way to surf anonymously because you use the proxy servers IP address not your 'real' one. There are proggys that do that for you, it's just a matter of activating it before you surf around, some cost money, some are free. I use hotspotshield, but only to view movies, youtube etc. that won't start because I'm living in Germany (sometimes license nonsense is blocking viewers from a certain country, so if the proxy server is located in the USA the website that checks the IP to know where you are located thinks I'm from the US and the movie starts) ) and one day I was told that I'm banned here. Hotspotshield sometimes starts in the background and so I was using it although not being aware of it and so couldn't access this site here. If you didn't know what a proxy server is you obviously don't use one and should have no problem with the ban hammer here ;)


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