USMC adding more video games to curriculum

Started by bayonetbrant, July 01, 2012, 07:56:00 AM

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Well, according to The Duffel Blog, anyway  :o

QuoteOther lessons have resonated with fellow students.

A former Staff Sergeant in Officer Candidate School has remarked that during all the time spent commanding his Protoss army, he has "never once been tempted to have sex with any subordinates," which, he claimed was a "first for him."

Still another candidate was shocked when he learned that his worker units (SCVs) would mine the minerals (the game's main form of currency) without his direct intervention.

"I spent forty-five minutes making sure all of my SCVs were mining efficiently, and it turns out that when I looked away, they kept right on working," said Officer Candidate Jose Gonzalez. "I was surprised that constant micromanagement of menial tasks wasn't actually needed. I think this may be a bug in the game software."

Quote"I tried to tell one guy to move his damaged units to the back of the fight to preserve them longer, but he kept them on the front lines because they didn't have a light duty chit. And then he said he couldn't authorize a medevac because there was no clearly marked Landing Zone. There might be no hope for these guys. They're just horrible."

"In fact," he added, "The only thing they really seemed to understand about the game is that Marines are super overpowered, and that winning only requires that you have more of them. They said it was a very realistic feature."
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