Arma II 29Palms in the making :)

Started by MikeGER, July 13, 2012, 09:54:26 AM

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i just saw it in Chelco's blog :)

so including the town? :) ...let see how the 29PalmInn get represented ;-)
(... i ve been there several times, used as FOB for hiking the Joshua Tree NP)

Bet that will evoke some precious memories of some other users around here too, even so they 'hiked' in a different area some klicks north of my position and with much heavier rucks  ;-) 


Twentynine Palms is a $hithole in the middle of nowhere.  You couldn't pay me to go back there, even in a video game.
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Some of my fondest memories were of when I was stationed at The Stumps - well, more like weekend liberty where I would drive to Orange or LA county to see my girlfriend(s) or the time my brother flew out and met me in Palm Springs.  Man, the Stumps wasn't so bad.  Now Okinawa, that was rough after the novelty of it wore off around the 6th month mark. 
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