Steam Spring Sale

Started by Rayfer, March 15, 2024, 09:35:13 AM

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Ok I actually found something and bought that I never got around to trying. Faster than Light for $2.50. I saw another steam friend playing it and it peaked my curiosity. Seems to be a very beloved game with infinite replayability and for $2.50 why not? There is also a huge free mod for it:

 Anyone else like this game?


Faster than Light is fantastic IMO!!  I've had it for years and still never managed to beat it.

It's also very good on iPad if you have one...
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Great Houses of Calderia released out of EA today.


Wow 40% off at launch. I've seen a few games having deep discounts at launch these days.


I don't buy any games at a Steam sale until I've finished not playing the ones I bought at the previous sale.