New MMORPG: Pax Dei

Started by Redwolf, June 16, 2024, 07:20:46 AM

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Quote from: Grim.Reaper on June 19, 2024, 08:01:30 AM
Quote from: Redwolf on June 19, 2024, 07:44:11 AMI prefer that business model over microtransactions. Microtransactions screw up the in-game experience due to prominent item placement and the GUI with "purchase" buttons.

Still can't play, have to reinstall Windows because my newest backup is bad, the existing backup is too old, repair failed (as always).

The subscription fee isn't what caught my eye, it was more the fact people who invest in early access with non-founder edition will need to pay additional one time fee after early access if they want to keep playing.  But maybe the total buy-in cost will still equal what someone would have paid without early access or it will be extremely cheap, way too early to know since over a year a way:)

In any event, hope you figure out your issues, although these types of games aren't for me, interested in hearing feedback about them.

I think as the buyer of the current pack I have to pay the regular one-time fee again but I get to keep all the goodies I get extra now. Not that I had a chance to see how useful they are.

Support has replied with another set of instructions about what to do in the launcher, ignoring the fact that I can't install the launcher :)

Windows install ISO is asking for drivers but Asus is distributing the drivers for my chipset as *.exe files which won't be usable by the installer. It has been nearly 20 years since I reinstalled windows from scratch, I'm not used to these  shenanigans anymore. How can people use Windows for anything but gaming? This is like a game in itself.


According to the info founder people won't have to buy the one time again so guess we will see


Had enormous difficulties with the broken Windows install. Had to reinstall from scratch and that wasn't smooth either.

But it's running now and once I put all the storage back in I'll update on this game.

Support has been asking where I've been, which I think is a nice touch. No lame-excuse ticket closing there. I just hope it runs now that I have more space on C:


First thing of good news: all my computer fiddling to get more space on C: wouldn't have been necessary.

They simply have a bug in the launcher installer in that it doesn't work right when executed from a network drive. If you copy it to your desktop it works and lets you pick a location for the launcher like it should.