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Started by Telemecus, September 12, 2019, 03:24:36 PM

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For anyone who would like to join our discord server please follow this link

All are welcome, come and join in on the fun! You are free just to join, read and lurk, you only need to post anything if you want to!

What do games titles do you cover?
-we are the discord server for Grognard games players. Many of the original members of the server were big players of Gary Grigsby games so you will see a lot about those titles in particular

What is Discord?
-think of it as instant chat with whistles added on. There are channels for questions and answers, help, looking for players and so on. There are also private channels which members can request for each game they play so that they can display what is happening in a game and discuss it with observers while in action.

What else do you do?
-Although it is an English language discord we are partnering up with similar servers in China, Korea and so on to try to find opponents and exchange tactics and information with groups who do not normally interact because of the language barrier but which tools in Discord are allowing us to overcome.