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Started by Telemecus, September 12, 2019, 03:52:55 PM

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Following up on some conversations we have had in GGames Discord.

The Problem:
We have great long debates and come up with conclusions - but they get lost in a great long old conversation thread. Or we get asked the same question time and time again and have to repeat the same answer.

The Discord Solution: (does not work)
Pin the answers or conclusions. But Discord only allows a maximum of 50 pins and we are now hitting the limits, And searching back through pins is not that easy. Recently I had to refer one member to a pin on another channel for the question and yet another channel for the answer. A mess navigating that!

The Forums Solution: (what I suggest for here)
Everytime we have a nugget of knowledge or something that should be kept for reference - post it in these forums. In effect the forums become the "Pins" of Discord. Everytime you need to repeat the same answer, or document, or fact, you can just paste the link here. When there are follow on questions or clarifications, or later versions, that can be posted here in forums where it is organised.

The example that springs to mind is in the War in the East channels where the same question of what are good Soviet support units to use for HQs has been asked three times. The same partial answer has been repeated. Now I can paste the first answer into these forums, and answer the repeat question with a link here. The answer is not a very good one - so better ones can be posted in the same thread.

Does that explain what I am suggesting?


Knowing you that is going to be a list of great ideas on War in the East! It will be a bit like GGames Discord that it will be lopsided to the games a few people are passionate about at first.


Well War in the East is my thing and I know it really well. But I thought treat this as an example and an experiment. I will show how I think Discord and forums can be combined using the strengths of each - and others can copy. And if it does not work we can try other things that do. Just trying new things out you come across new ideas along the way!