WitE1 FAQ - What Support Units should I use in the Soviet Army?

Started by Telemecus, September 15, 2019, 08:30:46 AM

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A Gary Grigsby's War in the East frequently answered question

What Support Units should I use in the Soviet Army? (where? which ones should I create? etc.)

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You can assign Soviet support units to
-on map combat corps units directly (support units will participate in every battle its parent unit is in, not all types of support unit can be assigned directly)
-on map HQ units (it can participate in the battles of one or more on map units directly assigned to the HQ but there is only a chance it will do so each time)
Note assigning support units to higher HQs will not allow them to participate in the battles of any units lower down the chain of command except for those units directly assigned. If your fronts HQs or STAVKA have no combat units directly assigned to them, any support units assigned to them will not participate in any battle.

How many support units should I assign to an HQ?
-Put more where you think you will have many battles, less where you think you will get fewer. Avoid assigning support units to HQs located away from repaired rail if they will not be used as you will be paying the logitstical costs without any benefits
-In normal battles (not urban etc) you can normally only get 6 SUs per HQ to any battle, putting more than 6 SUs per HQ will increase the number you should expect to get in any battle but never beyond 6. So putting 1 extra SU in one HQ when it already has 6 is much less effective than one that has less than 6.

Which kind of SUs should I put where?
-generally put unlike support units with on map units e.g. tanks and assault gun support units with infantry, infantry-type support units with tank divisions
(the combat resolution includes going from longest range to shortest range - so for some phases you want different types of units to cover you
putting a tank SU with a tank corps will give you a big CV, but not cover the tanks from the man creeping up in the bushes with a bazooka close by etc. A tank division with lots of big guns does not need more big guns)
-sapper battalions are popular, together with whatever special abilities they might have (or should have) they do have worthwhile CV
-put AT support units where you think they will encounter enemy tanks
-AA units can also be used in ground combat but remember they can also be assigned to air HQs to defend your airbases from air attack
-motorcycle regiments have no special benefits and to add nothing relative to the number of vehicles they use, so avoid them being in any battle where they would lose vehicles - and probably easiest to disband them altogether
-use lower calibre guns and rockets for defence or attack in less dense terrain, use heavy calibre for crossing major rivers, urban etc (some testing has cast doubt on this)
-use flame tanks in urban battles, do not put them in HQs with other motorised units (remember they eat fuel!)
-avoid directly assigning non-motorised support units to motorised units as this motorises them and removes lorries from your vehicle pool
-some prefer not to send a fix number to every HQ but to unlock all HQs and only send the number needed to each HQ when they are going to be used or at the end of the turn for where they will probably be used in the enemy turn (this is much more efficient but is more micro-management)

Note the above applies to combat support units and not to construction support units which do not participate in battles.


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