WitE1 FAQ - What Setting for Air Doctrine should I use?

Started by Telemecus, September 18, 2019, 04:50:20 AM

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A Gary Grigsby's War in the East 1 frequently answered question

What Settings for Air Doctrine should I use?

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In the picture the things boxed in black only matter during your air turn. And if you do all air missions manually (you choose which air groups do which missions) and so long as those numbers are not zero, it will not make any difference to the game what numbers they are. If you let the AI to do them in your turn for you then they will matter, but you can always change them during the turn if you find them to not be useful for you. So you will never create any disasters by what you choose for them.

The ones in red or blue on the other hand are for missions that only the AI can do - so it is quite important to get them right.

The ones in red are only used during your opponents phase - so I only set that at the end of my turn when I have an idea of what I want in my opponents turn. The ones in blue can be used either during your action phase or the other phases.

On percentage required to fly I think 0% is a good safe default to choose - your fighters will never sit on the ground doing nothing while they are bombed with that. Some use it to control fatigue of your fighters from doing interceptions. But I would say you are (usually) better off controlling that by moving them back if they are overused.
On the other doctrines remember HIGHER NUMBERS MEANS LESS OF IT. If you want more make those numbers smaller not larger! If you are happy with the number of missions you get there, increase the number to get more aircraft in each. So rather than giving a set number for these doctrines I would say just change them adaptively - each time decide if you want more or less and change the numbers until you start to get what you want.
Similarly on escort numbers do look at the state of your fighters and other aircraft. If you are losing too many bombers by being shot down by the enemy fighters, then increase escort (which will mean fewer missions performed). If your fighters are exhausted and you are not losing too many bombers, then reduce.

In general Axis should keep recon escort off and Soviets recon escort on.