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Title: Characters Bio and Stats
Post by: Yskonyn on April 06, 2018, 10:45:30 AM
Please use this thread to post your character bio's and statistics.
This enables us to have a neat and clean overview of the stars in our saga. I will post main NPC's here as well.

Do not use this thread for general chatter; it will be deleted.
Title: Re: Characters Bio and Stats
Post by: Yskonyn on April 07, 2018, 10:02:42 AM


Name: Usebius Goodwill
Rank: Commanding General
Unit: Goodwill's Grogheads, 1st Grogheads Krakens
Mech: Griffin GRF-1N (

Usebius was born into a 'white collar family' in the Marian Hegemony out in the Periphery. Not exactly nobility, but nevertheless his family was rather wealthy with father working as a successful merchant in the region.
Usebius' youth was shaken up terribly when his parents got murdered as a result of alleged connections in the underworld going awry and criminals coming to settle a debt.

Whatever the cause of the attack was is not something Usebius knows, but from the day he lost his parents it was made very clear to him that the world he lives in requires one to be on his toes constantly. He learned to trust on his own instincts much quicker than other children of his age.

As an orphan he was taken into custody by a close relative. They struggled to keep him in check; Usebius often had bursts of was only could be described as 'going berserk', tearing up anything in his way and hurting anyone trying to calm him down.
When Usebius reached his teens he started to become less violent. As a child he had not felt he had enough skills to cope with the traumatic loss of his parents, but from the day he was taught to read he discovered great tales about love, tragedy, camaraderie and intrigue.
His narrow child brain opened up and finally his foster-parents were able to communicate with him in a rather normal fashion. They convinced him to go to High School to lay the foundation for a career worthy of his origins, but during his time at High School bursts of unchecked rage erupted again as Usebius learned the mean feats teens can pull off on eachother.

After he had almost decapitated one of his fellow students by tying him up on a large shaft from a industrial airco unit, he was expelled from High School and sent to a private school.
The rather militaristic way of running that place struck a chord with Usebius. Finally he had met people who knew what it meant to utilise Leadership and it was here that he was introduced to Mechwarriors. His ambition became to be accepted into Military Academy, go through Officer Training and ultimately become a Mechwarrior.
It turned out the private school had contacts within the recruitment office of the military. They wouldn't accept him right away. Instead he needed to show that he could restrain himself, grow a little sturdier and sensible.
He was given two years to accomplish acceptable grades and when he pulled it off was indeed accepted into Military Academy.

This was the dream life of Usebius. Physical training, technical education, weapons training, he absolutely loved it all and every minute of it.
After he graduated from basic training he continued for advanced training and was transfered to a Naval unit.
There he received his Zero-G training and Mech training.
When graduating with flying colours he once again took a seat in training; this time for Officer Development.

He served as an Officer for one Tour of Duty and was then asked if he would fancy a spot within the Special Operations branch of the military. He accepted and was trained as a Covert Ops operative.

This turned out to be a life changing decision;
Johan Sebastien O'Reilly (, the Imperator of the Marian Hegemony, dealt with Mercenary units on a regular basis.
With Usebius now operating in several clandestine sorties he, too, came into contact with a wide variety of Mercs.
The stories these men told about the established Lords, Ladies, Monarchs, Imperators, etc opened his eyes to the true free life of a soldier. Why be ordered around like a pet to do the bidding of some Lord. Who is he anyway? Has he earned the right to be telling people what to do, let alone be ruling over an entire nation?
Why not be your own Lord. Choose who to work for and who to ignore!

By now Usebius held a compromising position within the Hegemony's military. He had access to sensitive intel. He had access to many of the higher ups within the military chain of command.
There was no chance the military would let him go just like that.
It would require cunning to let loose the chains of the military and 'defect' to the Mercenary life.
With his new found brothers a daring sortie was undertaken where Usebius tried to gather several of his men loyal to his vision and to take their military equipment with them to forge their own path of destiny.
They were able to pull it off, but naturally the Marian Hegemony will not stand by idly and report have been received that the faction had sent out search parties to find him and apprehend him. Usebius has been officially declared an enemy of the state.

Still, Goodwill has finally found his true self; a pragmatic man with little patience for the whims of some Nobleman. He values trust, camaraderie, honour and strength as main attributes in people. He cares little for the whiney and weak.
If you show you're a no-nonsense person who sees things as they are, you'll likely get along with Usebius.

A few new Mercs joined his merry band along the way and here we are now.

Piloting/Mech +3
Gunnery/Mech +3
Small Arms +4
MedTech +9
Admin +5
Tactics +2
Strategy +4
Negotiation +8
Leadership +4
Toughness +1
Edge +2

Notable weaknesses are: low reputation, low wealth, traumatic memories and he has a compulsion to Gamble.
His interest lie with Military history, Marian history, Roman history and a little Art.
He has good Perception, Strategy, Admin and Survival skills.

Connections, Toughness, Citizenship, Alternate ID (Covert Ops), Sixth Sense, Rank, Equipped, Introvert.
Title: Re: Characters Bio and Stats
Post by: Yskonyn on April 07, 2018, 01:42:24 PM
1st Grogheads Krakens - Officers

Mech assigned: Griffin GRF-1N (
Company CO. Extensive Bio above.

Mech assigned: Wasp WSP-1A (
Scout lance CO.
This tough bird knows how to pilot her quick Mech, even though the thing is nothing special itself.
She is one of the older MechWarriors in the unit and a close friend of Usebius.

She rolled the two special abilities that should work in MegaMek:
HotDog - 'Some pilots have developed a knack for riding their machines' unique 'heat envelopes', pushing it to the limits of shutdown and even explosion just to squeeze out every last gram of performance. +1 modifier to rolls made to avoid the overheating effects, as well as Pilot Damage checks from overheating.' (AToW)
Dodge - 'Allows a pilot to execute a special evasive maneuver when engaged in physical combat.' (AToW)

Mech assigned: Griffin GRF-1N (
Assault Lance Alpha CO.

Huwiter is a bit of a nob when it comes to piloting his machine. He is known to be imprecise and has damaged the baby of his MechTech several times. It has cost him a case of beer more than once over when he lost challenges put out by his Lancemates.
His Gunnery skill is up to snuff though, so what he often lacks in finesse of movement he more than makes up for when it comes to hitting targets.
All around good guy and always in for a joke... and beer.
He unofficially calls his Lance 'Huwiter's Angels', as he is the CO of the sole otherwise all-female Lance within the unit. The girls in his Lance often nickname him 'Grandpa'.

Mech assigned: Locust LCT-1V (
Command Lance 2IC.

Majukin is another guy whose Gunnery skill is sharper than his piloting skill. A rather dangerous combination at times considering his aging, but agile Locust.
Nevertheless he is an able tactician and not hesitant to be point-man, effectively taking the role as a one-man scout in the Command Lance. His radio discipline is second to none as well.
Majukin fancies Dae Mandala, his MechTech, but as far as we know the two aren't a couple.

Title: Re: Characters Bio and Stats
Post by: Yskonyn on April 07, 2018, 01:56:55 PM
1st Grogheads Krakens - Command Lance
Led by Commander General Usebius Goodwill, 2IC Lt. Jehor Majukin

Mech assigned: Assassin ASN-21 (

Afiata's Draconis Combine background provided excellent training and conditioning that makes this pilot a promising rising star within the unit. His assigned Mech enables him to hang back and provide long range support. His tactical aptitude is excellent and a good addition to the Command Lance.

Afiata posesses a special ability:
Dodge - 'Allows a pilot to execute a special evasive maneuver when engaged in physical combat.' (AToW)

Mech Assigned: Hunchback HBK-4G (

Despite his unusual looks Haytham is a mild mannered guy. A pretty standard MechWarrior with a good aim, though only when he is strapped into his cockpit. Don't ever give Haytham a Small Arms weapon in his hands! People know for sure he's had military training, so once upon a time he passed his weaponry tests, but that's a long time ago for Haytham. His Mech is his sole weapon and that works fine... for everyone.

Haythem rolled 1 special skill:
Iron Man - 'Only receive 1 pilot hit from ammunition explosions' (Unoffcial MegaMek)

Title: Re: Characters Bio and Stats
Post by: Yskonyn on April 07, 2018, 02:13:32 PM
1st Grogheads Krakens - Scout Lance
Led by: Lt. Usachenko

Mech assigned: Enforcer ENF-4R (

Ishikawa is feeling his age creep up. This has degraded his performance over the years and he is now a lower end MechWarrior. In an effort to try to get him motivated again, Lt. Usachenko made him sort of a 'personal project'; nothing sexual, don't worry.
She has the tenacity and motivation to slap his ass into line again.
The coming sorties will hopefully become a turning point for him.

Mech assigned: 'Fire Javelin' JVN-10F (

Wust has always felt at home in the Periphery. Great conglomerates, crime lords and mercs are all business as usual for this guy. He has some tactical aptitude which might improve over time, but otherwise he is a pretty run-of-the-mill MechWarrior.
He is young and motivated to show General Goodwill that he is command material, but he's got a long way to go still to make that happen.
Maybe some day.
Wust has an eye on Pvt. Johiya, but she hasn't returned the favour yet.

Mech assigned: Locust LCT-1V (

He's the Benjamin of the unit. And it shows. He often acts before he thinks. He's trigger happy and he thinks he can get any female in bed.
Almost all these things gets him in trouble often, but somehow he gets away with a lot.
General Goodwill is convinced this young stag can be molded into a fine MechWarrior, if he survives long enough.
Jong is always impatient and so he has been assigned a quick Mech and is often point man for the Lance. Shoot and Scoot tactics work well for him and keeps his adrenalin going and that makes him useful on the field. Keep him out of the action for too long, though and its best to recall the guy back to ship to prevent his mentaliy to become a liability.
Title: Re: Characters Bio and Stats
Post by: Yskonyn on April 07, 2018, 02:30:24 PM
1st Grogheads Kraken - Assault Lance Alpha
Led by: Lt. Huwiter.

Mech assigned: Crusader CRD-3R (

Despite her age she pilots the heaviest Mech in the Company, a fearsome Crusader. She knows Wust has an eye on her, but she's not sure wether that's because of her Mech or not. Perhaps she should date him once, because if she's honest, she'll have to admit that from everyone in the unit she doesn't know much about Wust.
Johiya is young, but with a talent for Tactics. She has great situational awareness. Otherwise she is a pretty standardly trained MechWarrior.

Mech assigned: Whitworth WTH-1 (

Altinyildiz made the news a couple of years back when she crashed a VTOL machine. She nearly didn't survive the crash and it took a long period of revalidation to get back in the cockpit, of a Mech to be precise.
She developed a fear of flying since the crash, but she doesn't seem affected when travelling through space. It's when breaking the atmosphere to make landfall that she gets panic attacks.
Like the General she has a weakness for Gambling and the two do not shy away from playing dice against eachother with their hard earned cash.
Altinyildiz hates her machine with a passion. She will be the first one to call dibs on any salvage we get. Until then, she's not very fond of running head first into battles with her ill-equipped machine.

Mech assigned: Shadow Hawk SHD-2H (

Lubis pilots the mainstay of the Assault Lance. Her machine is a good mix between maneuverability and short- and long range firepower. Her tactical talent is a great feat on the battlefield, however her piloting skills could still be improved.
She can be rough with the controls and that will generate more heat in the machine than would be necessary if she's handle it with more finesse. Nevertheless she's a well regarded member of the unit.
Title: Re: Characters Bio and Stats
Post by: Yskonyn on April 07, 2018, 02:43:31 PM
1st Grogheads Krakens - Support Staff

She's a rather average Admin, but she's the only capable body in the unit for now.
What she lacks in skill, she makes up for as a gossip-girl; you want to know anything and everything about the people around you, be sure to pay her a visit.

An absolutely terrible medic! Behar has cut open some animals in high school, but his medical knowledge doesn't really extend beyond that.
Still, at this point in time there is nobody else who knows more than him about medical stuff. Scary, but true.
We should re-assign him as soon as more capable people are found.
Title: Re: Characters Bio and Stats
Post by: JasonPratt on April 08, 2018, 10:56:34 AM
Wow, Lt. Usachenko is hot for any age, especially 38!  :smitten:
Title: Re: Characters Bio and Stats
Post by: jamus34 on April 15, 2018, 05:04:32 PM
Goodwill’s Grogheads
A recounting of my time under Commanding General Goodwill
By:Major Andros Kovács

   I didn’t set out to be Mech pilot or a mercenary but life has a way of changing on a dime. Growing up in the La Blon system I had what could be called an average childhood. Some would say unfulfilling; I viewed it as a normal childhood with loving and mostly attentive parents, by no means well off but never having to worry about food on the table and a stable political climate. That said, I was also a boy and raised some hell. From stealing the family hovercar, getting into fistfights with the bigger boys and leading my gang on various exploits. I was tough and my friends would follow me to the ends of the planet because they knew it was going to be fun times. While I wouldn’t call myself vicious I found a certain aptitude for firing an old Thunderbolt that end up in our combine. It wasn’t in the greatest repair but man once I learned to dial it in I had the ability to light up some pookies or gnashers with that thing.

While I didn’t have much in the way of hopes or dreams on our rock; maybe working in a mine-mech or out in the evap fields this all changed when the Combine felt that our system was becoming a little too rambunctious and decided to initiate a police action. Unfortunately for us their version of this involved scorched earth tactics. We were mostly away from the message being sent however we had friends who were traveling at the time and got caught up in this. Where my life changed was when the Federation responded. Rather than negotiate, or land troops they decided the best response was an orbital bombardment. Only due to the fact that I was down in the mines exploring with some buddies and sneaking some hooch did we survive.

The resulting liberation wiped out about half of the population centers on planet, including our town. Max and Willem immediately volunteered for the Federation infantry forces looking to exact revenge on the Kurita scum. I knew otherwise. I decided then and there that there was no right or wrong. There was only power.

I knew I could never join a house after this casual destruction. Given that I had nothing but my skills and the dirty shirt on my back I joined the  Star Warriors as a ground support infantry soldier. We were on a mission in Carse system when a gauss round clipped the head of an enemy Shadowhawk that was racing forward to cut us off and surround our lance. I used a grappler and climbed in. Movement controls were shot to all hell but I still had weapons and torso. From a stationary position I managed to light up a Blackjack and a Trebuchet.
The lance commander, Skyler, wanted to keep the ‘Hawk for her  own but she was overruled by the company commander with a trite “That man mounted an enemy mech and scragged two OpFor; you’ll have to go through me if you don’t think he deserves it”. While grateful for this I could the glint in Skyler’s eye that told me first combat action I joined in I would probably be on the receiving end of an AC blast to the back. Much easier to blame my death on “friendly fire” rather than raise an investigation by killing me in the barracks.

Considering the Hawk took very little operational damage I fixed her up and bought out the rest of my commission with the Warriors. So just like that I was an “independent” with my own mech. I didn’t have the cash to start my own company however tales of my skill went deep into the merc ranks and I had numerous offers. I choose to join Goodwill’s Grogheads as it was a fairly new unit and I was given a full company.

Time to meet the troops…


That's me...see bio above. I'm rolling in a Ostsol OTL-4D


"Nails" is one of the toughest SOB's I've ever seen. Chris Rojas has a mean streak and feels the need to prove it hourly. One time a grunt called her "Chrissy" and it took 4 men to separate them. He spent 6 months in the infirmary and once vertical was booted out of the company.

She as a Banshee BNC-3E she uses with lethal precision.


Kirstin is one of the newer LT's, recently promoted from an NCO. He has a Shadow Hawk SHD-2K.


Round out the command corps here's LT Hae YI piloting a Wasp WSP-1A

Next up the troopers.

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Post by: jamus34 on April 15, 2018, 07:50:42 PM

Sgt. Manina rolling in a Centurion


Cpl. Bert "Burn" Nordby in an Orion


"Snakeeater" Lucianna Deodata in a Phoenix Hawk


Hae-Yon in a Blackjack


And the kid, "Doubleshot" Owen Lucas in a Shadow Hawk

We also have Msgt. Montgomery "Three-Card" Smith who comes to us without a mech...we'll have to see about that.

I'll take a look at the support staff later; although I hear there are openings in our lance.
Title: Re: Characters Bio and Stats
Post by: Yskonyn on January 28, 2019, 01:51:55 AM
New Command Lance:


Title: Re: Characters Bio and Stats
Post by: JasonPratt on January 31, 2019, 04:47:19 PM
I have begun! Woo-hoo, my character saved this time! COMPETENCY INTENSIFYING!

"Still a Soggy Lieu at almost 30, Kuraki Kato has decided to stop messing around with her life and try to accomplish something -- at least so that she has a better pension later! She has recently qualified for Mech command of a lance, although she's better at shooting than at driving the thing. Still something of a do-it-yourself outsider, she doesn't care about strategic concerns, and thinks being a leader is simply a rank. But she shows some battlefield familiarity from her many (many, many) days as a grunt.

"Affects a tough look but quiet demeanor to hide the fact that she doesn't know what she's doing. Relatedly she'd rather not volunteer for anything.

"She does however intend to make sure other people do her work. So she's calling her Lance the Volunteers."

More details to follow.