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My wife and I went on a 12 hour fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico last Sunday.  5 of us fished - and we caught just short of 400 pound of keepers.  One of the other guys caught a 48 pound Amberjack - which is an impressive size.  Good trip overall.  Good group of people.  Weather was pretty awesome (less than 1 foot waves).  I've caught more fish on some other trips - but this is the first trip I've had where my legs were not sore and bruised up.

Nice.  Glad you (and from the sound of it, the rest of the group as well) had a good time! 

I have good pictures of the catch.  They are too large to post here.  I'll email it to you if you are interested.

On Sunday I went on an 11 hour trip in the Gulf of Mexico.  We had a 140 pound catch with 4 people fishing.  We got the biggest red snappers that I have ever hauled up.

I can PM pictures if you wish to see them.

Figured out a way to lower the file size.  Picture is here.


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