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Schleswig Holstein Flags - Danish reg 1848-64


Schleswig Holstein Flags - Danish reg 1848-64

23 flags in total on a fine quality print out, this is the first sheet of the Danish army line regiments, all flags are at and is our way of raising funds for Combat Stress.

The Danish regimental standards consisted of a red sheet and white cross, the arms widening until they reached the edges.In the top corner
quarter, next to the pole, was placed the monarch in whose reign the flag was presented,Christian VIII (CVIII) or Frederick VII (FVII)

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In the lower corner quarter the regiment number in Latin, in the bottom fly quarter the letters KR for reserve battalion and FB for reinforcement battalion.

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The Foot Guards battalion had the sovereign's mongram (CVIII) and the crown in the center of the cross.

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