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Unification of German flags sheet 01-02


Unification of German flags sheet 01-02

Funds is donated to Combat Stress, 42 flags in total and great value for money.

During the summer of 1849, and into the summer of 1850, the Prussian Government invited other north German States to enter into a fresh "Erfurt" union on the basis of a new Constitution - to be that accepted by the Frankfurt Parliament of 1848, but altered so far as might be found necessary. The union was to be a voluntary one.

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The first effort at unifying the German states came in the revolutionary year 1848. Once news of the February 1848 revolution in Paris spread, many felt that the time was finally at hand for German unification. Rural riots broke out in the weeks after February 1848 and spread to the urban areas. Throughout the German states revolutionaries advocated for freedom of the press, a national militia, a national German parliament, and trial by jury. Other ideas that were championed during the heady days of 1848 were the abolition of privilege of the aristocracy, the creation of constitutions in several of the German states, a more fair system of taxation, and freedom of religion. Europe was ready for war.

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21 German/Prussian flags on each sheet these include

Brandenburgian,Westphalian,Siliesian,East/West prussian,Franz,Hanoverian,Saxon,Hessian,Oldenburgian,Bavarian,
Wurttenburg, Prussian Lanwehr


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