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Steam and Iron : The Great War at Sea now available.

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Warship NWS:


Christopher Dean
Naval Warfare Simulations
Director of Operations

Welcome, Christopher. We've already got a thread on this;)

Warship NWS:
SAI Update v1.01 is now available for download,


I a really really tempted to get this. The early buzz is very good!

I booted up WCNAW last night and messed around. I don't very well understand the tactics and I'm not very good at maximizing my hit potential, but I have to say that there is a certain simple and visceral pleasure in watching the ships fire and getting that anticipation and excitement to see if they hit. SAI looks to make that even more exciting!

Warship NWS:
A vote has started for the first SAI expansion pack,

If at all possible, please post your vote on our forums so we can more easily track the number of votes.


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