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A Few Thoughts on Scotch

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In conclusion:

My everyday Scotch is Dewar's or Carlyle.

If I want something with more of a peaty taste - then it is Grangestone 12 year or if I want something really peaty - Battlehill Laphroaig.

My "special occasion" scotch is Macallan 12 year or Glenlivet 12 year.

I buy Dewar's and Carlyle by the handle.  I buy the other four by the bottle.  I keep all six in my liquor cabinet.

Johnny Walker has been dropped from my inventory. 

Huw the Poo:
I will have to try that Macallan.  I think I've enjoyed every Scotch I've had that was aged in a sherry cask, and I tend to prefer the less peaty flavours too.  It sounds perfect.


Have you ever tried Talisker? Not as peaty as Laphroaig, or Lagavulin but very nice indeed. O0


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