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A Few Thoughts on Scotch

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Less expensive than Dewars
Not sweet
Smoky, but not too smoky

Not smooth, not smooth at all.

I tried a Fifth of Scorsby and it was not smooth enough.  It was barely drinkable.  I finished the bottle instead of giving it to a relative who believes that any free liquor is better than any liquor he purchases with his own money.  But I did think about gifting it - hard. :-\


Cheaper than Johnny Walker Red
More smoky than Dewars, but not as smoky as Johnny Walker Red
Not Sweet

None really.

Awesome!  I found this at Total Wine in Greenville, SC when up for the SEC Women's Basketball Tournament.  This was a store manager recommendation - which often is a good indicator.  It hit my sweet spot on smoky (more smoky than Dewars but not too smoky).  It is less expensive than Johnny Walker Red. 

I posted all of this as a public service to my fellow grogs - who seem to be a hard drinking bunch.

I've spent a decade of research on this topic.  And remember, I'm a scientist and I have been highly trained in "research."


Cheaper than Dewars
Honestly, the name is pretty neat.
Not sweet.
Nice smoky taste

Too Harsh

This was the other Total Wine Manager recommendation in the blended Scotch area.  I drank all of this and did not consider giving it to a relative - but it was harsher than I like.  If you can tolerate something less smooth than Dewars, or if, God help you, you like a harsher taste - then try Shieldaig.

Enjoyable thread. I, too, am retired and enjoy Scotch. I don't drink much at all, sadly. It's not that I don't WANT to, I just keep forgetting to....not a good sign. My drinks are Scotch and port with an occasional CC&7. The other two being a bit sweet, I tend to like my Scotch neat - no ice, no water - and I , alas, like the strong single malts. which makes my only occasional drinking more affordable. My favorite is Laphroaig, as peaty and strong a drink as one could want. I can say that there is a big difference between the 10 and 25 year old versions. I stick with the cheaper bottle for the most part. And somehow I think I had a bottle of 18 year old Laphroaig, though their website claims no such animal exists....must have had too much of whatever it was :-)


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