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Can anyone recommend and good sites that sell/trade board games.


Two Facebook Groups are pretty good IMHO:

1)  CONSIM Marketplace.  Not a bidding site. Folks post their games with set prices, and they are generally snapped up quickly.  So if you see something you like, move fast. A great way to move a bunch of games quickly. But if you are selling, don't expect top dollar. For top dollar, ebay is probably best.

2)  Gamers Pay It Forward.  Not a buy sell site, per se.  Basically members put up wargames to give away, and other members ask for "dibs".  The owner usually randomly determines who gets the game from those asking "dibs".  Sometimes it is first come.  The rule then is that the member who gets a game for free, has to offer up a game of equal value to the group for free.  Amazingly it works well.

I have also had good luck with the Board Game Geek marketplace.

Sometimes you can find great deals on Amazon...but mostly not.

I did see that CONSIM FB site and requested to join, but it's been days now and nothing. Hopefully I can get in there soon.


Go to They specialize in this.

They have a huge online flea market, swap meets, and multiple auctions for every major game con.  Plus they have a big online market.

Iíve contracted for about six games with delivery at Origins.  If they donít do it they will point you in the direction of someone who does.

Thanks Airboy

I've been frequenting that site a lot lately!.

I've decided to give Nations at War: Desert Heat a go as it's a theater I enjoy and the rules don't seem overly complicated.

Trying to see if a local retailer is able to order it before I go online.


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