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Silent Disapproval Robot:
Went off the keto diet today to try out Popeye's.  There's only one in the greater Vancouver area but it is reasonably close to my place.  I suspect because it's in Canuckistan but the menu was limited and the new sandwich was not available.  What they did have was pretty much bog standard fast food.  Breaded chicken meat that was stringy and thin.  Was not impressed at all.

How long've you been on the keto diet SDR? Any notable results yet?

Not a sammich but my personal favorite was Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets.

Wendy’s spicy chicken sammich is also good but they put schtuff on it (mayo, lettuce, tomato)

Haven’t tried the Popeyes yet.

Sir Slash:
Chik-Fil-A for me though I have not tried Popeyes. Wendy's is good too and I hear that KFC has a good chicken sandwich as well. I like my fried chicken on a plate, un-covered by bread, with a bone in it like God intended it to be.  :dreamer:

You can get bone-in chicken at Popeyes.


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