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A Report from an ongoing 10-Player PBEM of a "Cold War gone Hot" based on LT60M


Hey Fellas,

long time no see. Hope you are all doing fine.

After Panzerde and his PBEM of "Flight of the Eagle" absolutely inspired me to try something my ow, I initiated a 10 player game of "Less than 60 Miles" and heavily modified the rules to fit my purpose.

The Rules include provisions for radio, liaison helicopters, directional radio, jamming, interception of messages, command delay, ferrying operations, dispatch runners, FASCAM, airpower and more. The ORBAT has been modified to reflect that, including EW Units, Ponton Regiments, Engineer Battalions, Assault Crossing Battalions and so forth.

Currently, we have played through the first half day. If I can mark spoilers here in the forum, I would report a little of what's going on. The scenario is based on the "Steps of our Fathers" Scenario in LT60M.

If you download these overlays and go to to upload them there, you can see the situation as of 1330 of the first day of action. Needless to say, that if you are participating in the CPX and find this post for some reason, do not open the overlays.


Nice one!

How is LT60M? I have it still shrinkwrapped due to lack of time!


I am a great Cold War gone Hot Enthusiastic, so I am naturally drawn to LT60M.
I really like the engine and the Command Delay Mechanic; it gives the Board Game a very novel feeling. There are few gripes I have with the system, for example, that units fight sequentially. It gives me weird vibes to not be able to mass my attacking forces, instead they line up well mannered to take their turns. I also dislike the attrition point mechanic having the secondary purpose to track supplies.

But apart from that, there are a few nice features. The aforementioned Delay system, Engineering and well-streamlined Combat Support functions like EW.



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