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House of Bud


Gonna check with the wife to see if I can start a similar project.  >:D

Sir Slash:
Gus, is that your place?

I'll never tell.


--- Quote from: Sir Slash on September 18, 2020, 01:18:28 PM ---Gus, is that your place?

--- End quote ---

Ah, scuse me SirS, aren't you from the deep deep south, as in southern Florida (where this work of art is located)?  Just puttin that out there.  O:-)  ;D

Sir Slash:
You are correct Steve. But down here we only use alcoholic beverages for outside decoration. And siding. And... roofing. With an occasional lining of the walkways whether intentional or accidental. The inside is reserved for Beer Company signs and NASCAR portraits as well as talking fish plaques. Just had to clear that up.  \m/


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