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FoGII Medieval AAR Tripoli (Anglo Saxons) v. under_score (Scots)

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Turn 8 Anglo-Saxon Right Flank

The Scots begin the attack on the Anglo-Saxon right, but the woods anchoring the right flank help the defenders by crowding out the charge of the Scottish Knights.  Still, the spearmen on the Anglo-Saxon right will not be able to hold out long.

On the left, a Scottish spearman routs, but a Scottish Knight is rapidly chewing up one of my Spearman units, fragmenting it this turn.  A single archer is available to plug the gap that will be created when it routs.

Turn 8 Anglo-Saxon Left Flank

Turn 9 Anglo-Saxon Right Flank

A Scottish Pikeman fragments, and is pulled out of the line.  However, one of my spearman is disrupted.  My right flank will then collapse in short order. 

As expected, the Scottish Knights charge my Huscarls, who evade.  Fortunately, in the game Knights are likely to pursue, instead of hold their position.  The pursing Scottish knight dislocates the block he was creating,  allowing a second Huscarl to charge a Scottish cavalry, which evading was pursued by the Huscarl, which is now behind the Scottish lines.  A completely lucky turn of events for the Anglo-Saxons.....

Turn 9 Anglo-Saxon Left Flank

In the center, my fragmented spearman manages to hold on.  A reserve unit moves to block the hole that is about to be torn in my line.  Fortunately, my spearman are working on creating a breakthrough in the Scottish center, where a single fragmented Scottish spearman is about to give way....
Turn 9 Anglo-Saxon Center

The Scottish Knights hit my right flank, immediately fragmenting my spearman.  Seeing their comrades fragment, the spearmen unit on their left decide fragmenting is what all the cool kids are doing, so they also fragment.  Fortunately, I have a flank attack on a Scottish Pikeman.  Of course, that knight charging into my flank is a bit steep of a price to pay for this bit of fun, but I might as well have my right flank collapse in a blaze of glory....

Turn 10 Anglo-Saxon Right Flank

In the center, a charge in the rear of a Scottish Infantry unit routs it, ripping a hole in the center of the Scottish line, just in time to save my disrupted spearman, who was about to be overwhelmed. A second Scottish infantry unit on the left routs, opening the Scottish right flank to my spearman.

Turn 10 Anglo-Saxon Center

On turn 11, my right flank goes bye-bye.  I won't be able to repair it, although I might be able to delay my ultimate defeat there.  This is because the Scottish knights (as knights tend to do in the game) go chasing after my routing spearmen, instead of rolling up the remainder of the flank.  These knights will be out of the fight for at least 3 turns as a result.

Turn 11 Anglo-Saxon Right Flank

On the left, the Anglo-Saxons have a series of flank charges that disrupt some more of the Scottish units.  At this point we call the game as an Anglo Saxon victory. 
Turn 11 Anglo-Saxon Right Flank

It's a good battle report, nothing to correct really.  Just want to add for anyone unfamiliar, when units are engaged in melee, you can view what the predicted odds are.  Although casualties were pretty close between the armies, every matchup was unfavorable for my Scots by this point, with unit dispositions dropping everywhere.  With my knights uncontrollably chasing down irrelevant troops, it hardly seemed worth prolonging the slaughter!

Enjoyed the battle Tripoli, well played.


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