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Kickstarter of Napoléon 1815 by Shakos

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We entered the last 48 hours and we have still some SG up!

To complete the Prussian set, we will add a cloth bag if we reach 55k€. That way the Prussian will have their wooden pieces, dice and bag!

And for this journey to be fully complete, we have a last SG in order to give even more to our authors.

So do not hesitate to share around to make this campaign even greater!

Thanks again for your support.

Link to the campaign

Dice are unlocked, so we will add 5 Prussian dice to the game. Moreover, the extra-dice set will have 15 dice instead of 10!

A few hours left, but it is still possible to unlock the last SG.

If you missed the crowdfunding campaign, it is still possible to preorder the games on our website :

Hi all,

After a well deserved summer break, time for an update concerning the project.

1. Sample : We will receive a production sample by mid-september from the factory. This will allow us to check than everything is OK in order to launch the game in production. So we are really on schedule for a delivery by March 2022 as indicated during the campaign.

2. Production : Goal is to give a go to the factory by end of september. We received the files for the Japanese version of the game and are waiting for the Spanish translation that should arrive soon. Current production leadtime is around 2 months.

3. Delivery : As you may know we have lots of uncertainties currently concerning sea freight. For reference, a 40' container was $2000 last year (for N1807 Kickstarter delivery), and it is up to $15000 now. This is more than a significant increase, so we are trying to get a better insight of how it will evolve in the coming months. We will keep you updated on this specific point.

Last, you can still preoder the game on our website.

Take care and stay safe!

The Shakos' team


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