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Shelby Foote's ACW trilogy if you've already read McPherson's book?

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So I've read and re-read James M. McPherson's "Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era" many times and obviously thoroughly enjoy it.

I'm looking at ordering some stuff from Amazon and thinking of ordering Foote's trilogy while I'm am it. If you've read McPherson, is it worth it to get Foote's trilogy? Obviously Foote's books are way bigger, but would I just be almost repeating what McPherson wrote?

Any opinions are welcome and thanked for.

I might suggest How the North Won by Hattaway and Jones (Used copies available for $2.09 here

It is a 1 volume work, and has some good insights

I loved Foote's books.  Thought they were well worth the read.  Might have a slight Confederate bias but just something about his style grabbed me and they just flow so well.

I also loved Foote's books.  I'm from the North and still felt he was fairly balanced.

I would think any in-depth account of the war would be better, as such, than McPherson's Battle Cry. That's a great book, but not really focused on the ACW.


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