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Game of Thrones on Sale at Steam

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75% off...$9.99.  I think I'm going to jump.

Tempting and the screenshots look really nice but that metascore of 52 is a bit of a downer. Still...I am considering it. Thanks for the heads up JH.

Hmm...I would like to but I've read nothing but negatives.

I think the negativity is deceiving.  GoT is definitely a non-traditional RTS. I think the vast majority of players bought the game believing it was going to be just about harvesting resources, building camps and dumping out units.  But the real meat of the game is in the pre-war diplomatic maneuvering that by all accounts was very complex.

This may have turned off a lot of traditional RTS player who just wanted to go to battle in an never ending clickfest.

That's just my gut instinct.

^Did you buy it yet?

I am justifying not buying it by reserving that 9.99 to go towards an upcoming title that I am pretty sure is set to be my favorite game of the last 10 years at least.


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