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Major Supremacy at Sea Update

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Find your 1.0 install because 1.2 will be out soon.

Are you going to review it Bismarck?

Indeed. I wanted to review 1.0 but the updates just kept on coming. There was updates through 1.01 to 1,09, then a large 1.1 and then stepwise up to 1,19 beta 3. Now we'll have a comprehensive 1.2.  Hard to review a moving target. I like to wait until the devs are happy.

I would like to ask in your reviews, and this isn't directed at you personally, but for everyone that does a review, to make some comments about the learning curve of a game.  I realize it's relative, but after following a reviewer for awhile, and getting the games he recommends, you develop a feel for the veracity of his comments.

I never did pick this game up (learn it), and finally uninstalled it.  I'm going to give it another go once they get the update out the door.  Seems like a lot of game, and I know NWS and developer really worked hard on it.  I want to like it, but it never really clicked with me.

I agree about the moving target of the updates.

I often mention learning curve explicitly but that should come through in the description of the game.


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