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Swords of the Stars II - 70 % off at Gamersgate

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Well, based on recent JH thread about the current state seemingly moving in the right direction, thought people might be interested.  Roughly $9 if you want to jump in now and hope everything eventually gets fixed.  Not sure how long the sale lasts.

Just saw this on the GG site. Definitely tempted...

Me too....I said I would only ever consider once it hit the bargain bins, so my bluff is being called:)  Thinking $9 might be worth the "investment" of the possibility this turns out to be a fully complete game someday.

This review was written a month ago and, combined with Jarhead's recent impressions, gives me some confidence that the game is worth buying but YMMV.

There are still some missing features. But at this price you can stomach them much better. I wish I had opted for the refund and repurchased now. I haven't played it yet anyway.


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