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Current Events / Re: John McAfee died in prison in Catalonia
« Last post by Jarhead0331 on Today at 06:07:55 PM »
There is a pretty interesting documentary about his life. Pretty crazy.

Apparently, when he was living in Belize he would hire prostitutes and not have sex with them, but he would have them defecate into his mouth.  :idiot2:
Current Events / John McAfee died in prison in Catalonia
« Last post by al_infierno on Today at 05:51:27 PM »

Dude led a wild life and had a long run as an international fugitive.  This interview with him by Adult Swim is bonkers and hilarious.  RIP.

Beer & Pretzels / Re: Chicken Sandwich Wars
« Last post by JasonPratt on Today at 03:48:57 PM »
Jack's introduced fried chicken last month, upon customer request (supposedly, or that's how it's being marketed) -- which I know about because a Jack's opened up about 15 minutes south of here back around January.

Mom and I tried their new fried chicken sandwich and... it was edible. Not bad, just edible. Lots of chicken meat, but white breast meat is hard to make tasty, and neither their bun nor their breading helps much. Comes standard with a couple of pickle slices, as with Chick-fil-a, which does admittedly help but it's no Chick-fil-a sandwich. I'd rather eat something else there in the future, but I do allow that it has a lot of meat for the money.

Still haven't gotten around to Wendy's new chicken sandwich, despite a new one of those opening up last year (bad timing!) about 25 minutes south of here, which I pass on a semi-regular basis -- though rarely by myself anymore, and Mom has no more interest in eating at Wendy's. Meanwhile, the local KFC on the corner, only a strong par 5 south of the new Wendy's, closed last year, so I haven't gotten their new sandwich either. The closest Popeyes is more than 45 minutes south, so still nothing from there yet either, though I'm very interested.

I used to love BK, but their food quality has been slowly dipping for a long time, and so I expect their entry in the chicken-sandwich war to be almost as tasteless as their marketing for the sandwich. ;) But I wouldn't be adverse to hearing better about it; the more good sandwiches in the world, chicken or otherwise, the better.
The Trading Post / ISO: Windows 7 non-OEM key
« Last post by steve58 on Today at 03:44:23 PM »
So, my sister's laptop HD died. She never made a recovery disk or backed anything up. ::)  I've got a new HD in it, and am trying to reload the original OS which was Windows 7 Home Premium (to hopefully upgrade to Windows 10x32).  Laptop is an ASUS X53E from many years ago; bought at Best Buy I think.  She never used it much, but wants it back up and running.  ASUS ain't doing much in way of more Win7 Recovery Disks. >:(

I know I can download ISO versions of Windows from MS, but since it was an OEM, her OS key won't work.

If anyone has an old non-OEM Windows 7 Basic/Premium key, they'd be willing to part with, let me know; maybe we can work $omething out.

Lemme see if this works:

 Main features:
New ports added. The darker interface. The "Sturmalex's Gridmap". "TTE" mod.
A Screenshot of War on the Sea
By: the Baron
Both imperial and american campaign rework. Special missions added and some reworked to give a bigger challenge for the player. Land battles are more deadly. To keep the supplies coming to the frontline is now more important. A complete AI missions rework with new fleets coming from Pearl Harbor, Australia and Truk. Fleet carriers patrolling key locations to make the campaign more challenging. Much more variety in the fleets number and formation to keep things more interesting. Map reworked with new ports. The player can now recruit ships from Australia. A level 5 airfield is also present on Australia. The ports added are: Cooktown; Cairns; Lae and Buna. The japanese campaign starts at day 7 with american forces already landed and fighting to keep control at Henderson Field. Both campaigns start with Henderson Field already being a level 1 airfield so be very careful. I strongly recommend doing your invasions at night. Start date changed to 5/8/42 to give players enough time to reach Guadalcanal at day 7. (usa campain) BBs TF added to both campaigns. Could take a long time for a player to see a BB, well not anymore. Have fun fighting big guns. Many hours spent in improving AI sea missions, fleets variety, testing, reworking bases to make sure all is working and the players will get a more challenging and fun campaign. Port Moresby is an important objective for both campaigns. In TTE all night battles are deadly, fought in close quarters.

Air Power I (carriers)
Carriers historical loadouts. New 24 planes air formations. "TTE"mod.
A Screenshot of War on the Sea
By: the Baron
- Historical planes loadouts for the carriers.(Shokaku 27/27/18) (Yorktown 37/37/16 July 15 1942 loadout)
New 24 planes squadrons, with air formations reworked to support the new squadron size. Maximum air size per battle is now 72 planes (24 in stock game) CAP following carrier.( Deploy scout with 1km range and select the option clockwise) Scouting ranges increased to 400km

Air Power II (historical loadouts)
Kingfischer squadron attacking sub with mark 17 depth charges. "TTE" mod.
A Screenshot of War on the Sea
By: the Baron
- New loadouts options for all fighters and scouts. Historical depth charge loadout applied to the Avenger. Jake is now a dive bomber scout (*)
* TTE JAKE DIVE BOMBER option to install - NEEDS TTE HISTORICAL LOADOUT option installed to work (enable by default).

Air Power III (airfields)
Zero carrying 2x60kg bombs. "TTE" mod.
A Screenshot of War on the Sea
By: the Baron
4th squadron added to the airfields. Airfields planes loadout reworked with more focus in bombers.

Air Power IV (data)
- Rework stats for all the planes. Historical ranges, maximum speed and climb rates applied to all planes. Dive rate doubled for all planes. Medium/heavy bombers speed nerf 20%; small bombers speed nerf 10% nerf to make them balanced against fighters and to simulate the payload weight. Avenger rockets removed since they were not used in 1942. (Added as an option to install)
*NOTE: scouts and fighters don't get a penalty on the loadout to not penalize the player for using them in auto scouting operations, since is not possible to choose the loadout this way.

New sea formations
New sea formations. "TTE" mod.
A Screenshot of War on the Sea
By: the Baron
Now all fleets will use the new formation system from my previous mod. Expect to see dds scouting , a better convoy system and capital ships well defended. Transport numbers reduced to prevent AI spamming troops. (version 2.0)

Environment rework
TTE. Darker nights v2
A Screenshot of War on the Sea
By: the Baron
Darker nights v2 .Several parameters tweaked to give a more dark atmosphere to the night. Slighty reduced visibillty underwater. Vastly increase the trees number and size.

Historical Battles
AI missions created and reworked to give you the opportunity to play the following battles: Battle of Savo Island ;Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands & Battle of the Eastern Solomons and the naval battle of Guadalcanal. (usa campaign)

Silent hunter experience
Reduced water visibility. "TTE" mod.
A Screenshot of War on the Sea
By: the Baron
Sonar reworked to make it easier to detect subs. Dive rate improved a little. Crush depth reworked. Historical test depth. Solo merchant ships added to the campaign. Sub visibiliby reworked. The player should now be able to run on the surface in dark night conditions without being spotted. Careful if around 1500m or less from an enemy. Now you as sub captain will face the same problems they had at ww2 when attacking surface fleets. Sometimes you will find yourself in a difficult position to attack. What you will do? Launch the attack from a long distance or rush in the surface to get into a better position?

Minor features:
Magazine explosion! "TTE" mod.
A Screenshot of War on the Sea
By: the Baron
- Magazine explosion probality increased to 20%. Ships go BOOM!
- All ships main battery gun arcs reworked with much more wider angles of attack. (horizontal gun arcs)
- Historical Japanese torpedo ranges.
New menu. "TTE" mod.
A Screenshot of War on the Sea
By: the Baron
- The mod menu screen.
- Rockets damage reworked. The armor values affects the rockets damage performance.
- No more waiting to disengage from battle. Is your game, play the way you like.
- Cargo rebalanced for warships. Now both DDs and CL can carry supplies. CL carry more in comparison to a DD.
- AA rework. The AA range reworked to historical values. Flak damage improved.
New campaign experience for both usa and japanese. TTE.
A Screenshot of War on the Sea
By: the Baron
- Historical photos added to the campaign.
- Historical troops number at Guadalcanal/Florida in the 6/7 night (japanese campaign)
- A new darker interface implemented.
- Supplies, engineering and fuel values for each week vastly increased.
- More dramatic flooding mechanics implemented.
- Mark 14 & Mark 15 american torpedo dudrate at 50%.
- Base detection range enable on the campaign. (50% the real size)
- Sunset reworked using real data. One air operations hour added.
- TF cruise speed increased.
- Magazine capacity doubled in all destroyers; cruisers; battleships; carriers.
- Sonar ranges reworked.
- Sonar strength reworked.
- Propellers directions fixed in all ships/subs (* Feature implemented in game v1.08d8 )
- Campaign difficulty reworked.
- Battle difficulty reworked.
- Campaign map zoom improved.
- No more radar for the japanese subs.
- SD radar for the Tambor sub class. (9km range/only air search)
- Ferry ranges applied to all planes (courtesy General Douglas)
- Test depth: 91m( Tambor & Gato ) 121m Balao ; 274m Tench (courtesy General Douglas)
- Japanese subs names changed to Type-B (B1) and Type-B Mod.1 (B2) (* Feature implemented in game v1.08d8 )
- New system for lauching planes. Planes without a payload will not give you a cooldown. Launch as many planes you wish. No more waiting because a scout plane was launched. (* Feature implemented in game v1.08 )

And much more...

I want to thank the devs that made modding the game a possibility and all the modders and players who help me with suggestions and add ons to the modification overhaul. All of you are what made this project possible.

I can only wish you guys have an excellent and fun game experience. That was my goal from the beginning. Happy hunting, the Baron.

Download and instructions to install here:
W8, have you tried the Tokyo Express mod?

There is a LOT in there, too much for me to copy/paste so you'll have to go to the linked thread, but it sounds like it really dramatically changes the campaign gameplay.
Computer Gaming / Re: HA! I finished it!
« Last post by Gusington on Today at 02:04:57 PM »
If you like an action RPG style game with parkour, assassinations, combat and exotic locales, the replay can be almost endless. The key is not the variety of things the player can do, let's be honest, it's that the things you do are fun...I never got bored of tomb raiding, I never got bored of visiting the massive ancient cities (Memphis, Alexandria, Thebes, etc.), I never got bored of swapping out the tons of gear, I never got bored of any assassination missions, I never got bored of anything...which is really saying something in this franchise where I have grown bored after 50+ hours in many of the previous games. My one knock is that I wish there was more galley combat.

Black Flag was my favorite until I really poured time into Origins and at 90 hours I am still excited by the last piece of DLC (Curse of the Pharaohs). Beautiful looking, well built and exciting game.
VR Gaming / Re: PIMAX 8K X
« Last post by Jarhead0331 on Today at 01:40:09 PM »
LOL, I just saw you have a few of them for sale.  Man alive, VR headsets are not cheap.

Are you interested? I will give you the family discount.
Computer Gaming / Re: Sea Power: Naval Combat in the Missile Age
« Last post by Jarhead0331 on Today at 01:38:53 PM »
^You'll have to have ask Microprose and their fantastic publicity machine.
The Steam reviews have been significantly improved as of late and the overall consensus is very positive now. I took this as a good sign that the patching was leading somewhere.
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