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Hi Rooks,

Share Factory is an app for the Playstation 4 that you can use to create movie projects.  I do have a YouTube channel under the username W8taminute1941.   ;)


--- Quote from: Rayfer on July 15, 2014, 06:04:58 PM ---Great idea and great video.  Look foward to more!!

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You asked for it you got it!

Here are my mission results from another session of War Thunder, only this time in the air.  I died a silly death in this movie but come back to redeem myself after I respawn.

I recorded a few of my dogfights in Wings Over Flanders Fields earlier this year.  I encountered some historical aces in a couple of them and the others were from a (short) career contest in an Albatros. 

*Watch them on YouTube for up to 720p resolution options*

This one will give you an idea how bad the SPAD's forward view was.  Sopwiths had far better visibility than these!

Full list including four more vids here:

I didn't make any commentary over them, as I only recorded the fights not the flying around on patrol parts.  The dogfights were pretty self-explanatory being mostly habit & instinct.  Although I did have to use different tactics between flying the Sopwith Pup or Albatros (more turn fighting) versus the SPAD VII (more vertical maneuvers). 

I haven't done any "Let's Play" type stuff for strategy games yet.  These little dogfight videos take little to get them up, but my upload speeds aren't terribly good either (my local "village" is one of the few that doesn't have Google Fiber yet here in KC) so they still take some time to upload 720p vids. 

I would really like to start making videos. What software do you guys use? Is there any good freeware?


--- Quote from: Jarhead0331 on July 15, 2014, 08:14:52 PM ---I would really like to start making videos. What software do you guys use? Is there any good freeware?

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I used the built-in 'ShadowPlay' feature on my Nvidia GTX760.  I think it only works on the newer series 7 cards, though.  Maybe some of the higher-end GTX6** series too?

What's cool is that, besides just plain recording your gameplay, you can also set it to record a specific amount of time prior to your present time.  So you don't have to use up a bunch of recording space on your drive that you won't be using.  Although the earlier version of ShadowPlay I used would occasionally get a digital vid glitch (I think there is a very brief example in one of my vids).

The recording quality is okay in ShadowPlay, and you can do some basic adjustments.  My vids above can be tough to make out little details at lower resolutions just because the game's colors are mostly dark earthy tones - so it can be tough to spot other aircraft, for example.  The recordings turned out alright.  I believe there was a recent ShadowPlay update too.

Dunno if you even have a ShadowPlay compatible video card, but it's nice because 1) It's Free!  and 2) It's easy to use.


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