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Consolidated Painting/Crafting advice thread

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Pick a model and practice on it over and over again.

When painting armour

Use Tamiya NATO black as the base coat rather than primer. It gives your top paint job some depth when you paint it and don't get a wholly even coat
This is a NATO black base with a Dark Yellow coat...if I wasn't doing camo, it's ready

This also helps for any rubber on your wheels
No need to mask your wheels - just turn the pressure down on your compressor and reduce your paint flow and with a steady hand, you can paint the wheel with relative ease AND you're left with that worn, touched up in field look
Admittedly I could've done better here - but you get the gist

Also in the first image, I've got the skirting on the tank. I haven't stuck this down across the whole of the tank...I've put them on with a dab of glue at both ends so I can take them off. The reason I've done this is so I can have an even flow of camo

Oh - also

Use cocktail sticks and Super Glue (you guys call it CA glue I think). Put a dab of glue on the cocktail stick and stick it onto the unpainted side of whatever you're painting so you can hold it

As in this image, where the cocktail stick would go right through, you can use pieces of sprue

Finally for today keep clothes pegs and polystyrene around so once these kinds of pieces have been painted, you can stand them up.

or you can prime the model normally, I use a red oxide color, and then pre-shade with the airbrush like this:

Classic monsters from Ral Partha.


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