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Newbie question about contours


I have just downloaded the bta test map editor  and have a quick question about contours and how to display them - it is likely something obvious I am missing.

I understand the concept of the elevation map and have had some success with it.  However, I am interested in producing "old fashioned" maps with the contour lines shown as chevrons - the Bull Run map in the GS site is an example. 

In the demo this seemed to be straightforward, draw the lines working inward and set elevations and it was done.  However the editor I am using does not have that functionality.  is this simply because it is the beta version or have I missed the obvious?

Thanks for any help as I get to grips with what promises to be an excellent wargaming tool

Andy ONeill:
The current map editor is completely different from Ezra's original version.
There are a lot of gains in the form of new functionality but i'm afraid hachures didn't make it into this version.


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